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What is Honey Creek Woodlands?

Honey Creek Woodlands is a conservation burial ground in Conyers, Georgia located among the Monastery of the Holy Spirit's 2,300 acres and adjacent to the 8,000 acre Arabia Mountain Heritage Corridor. Nestled in more than 1,000 acres of permanently protected wetlands, streams, and native hardwood forests, Honey Creek Woodlands is protected by a strong conservation easement and an endowment created from a portion of burial plot sales.

Within the monastery land holdings, the Honey Creek Woodlands site is an old terraced farm area that almost certainly grew cotton and other bare-earth crops ending less than 100 years ago. More recently, timber harvest of the predominantly pine forest that had grown from the old fields contributed to the need for active restoration, but also provided opportunities to nurture the area back to ecological health.


Beginning in 2006, we started work to identify remaining diversity elements and to use this information to protect and develop hardwood forest and eastern wildflower meadows. The 120 acres of monastery land designated for burial grounds contains hundreds of plant species and abundant wildlife. 

The conservation easement for HCW is held by the Georgia Piedmont Land Trust.


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