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The Burial

Honey Creek Woodlands | The Burial
The Gravesite Service
In the words of Abbot Augustine, Honey Creek Woodlands "is happy to offer a quiet and beautiful resting place for people of all faiths, as well as those who have struggled to find faith."
Each family is welcome to plan the burial service in accordance with their religious traditions and/or the wishes of their loved ones. There are no rules on how a service may be performed as long as the deceased is treated with dignity and the nature preserve is not adversely affected.
Please note that the stewards of Honey Creek Woodlands are not involved in the planning of the service, nor do they coordinate the clergy/officiant. The monks of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit do not participate in the service, but they do keep the deceased and their loved ones in their daily prayers.
There are no burials on Sundays, New Year's Day, All Souls Day (November 2), Thanksgiving Day, or Christmas Day.
Honey Creek Woodlands | The Burial
Hilltop Chapel

The chapel at the hilltop is available for funeral services.

Transportation to the Grave Site
In most cases, the funeral home will transport the body to Honey Creek Woodlands for interment. It is legal in the state of Georgia for individuals to transport a body with the proper permits from the county. We will do our best to assist with transportation issues.

Picnic Area

We have a picnic area at the base of the hilltop where families are welcome to gather.

Special Needs
If you have special needs or a special request, please ask and we will do our best to help.

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