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Planning a Visit

We are located within the property of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit and adjcent to the Arabia Mountain Heritage Corridor in Conyers, Georgia. For our address and directions, please click here

When you visit HCW we ask that you keep in mind that you are entering a natural wilderness area. We recommend footwear that is appropriate for uneven terrain. It is also a good idea to bring hydrating liquids such as water if you plan to walk or hike in the woodlands. This is nature preserve so you will encounter all kinds of wildlife. If mosquitoes, flies, ticks, or chiggers concern you then you may wish to bring an appropriate repellent.

Honey Creek Woodlands | The Meadows
Honey Creek Woodlands

To Take a Tour or Make Final Burial Plans

An appointment is necessary if you wish to take a tour of the burial grounds or if you wish to meet with one of our stewards to make arrangements for a burial. 

To make an appointment, please call 770-483-7535.

For a Funeral Service
If you are coming to HCW for a funeral we ask that you take into consideration that HCW is not your typical cemetery. Our natural burial grounds are 1.5 miles deep in the woods. Vehicles are only allowed into the Preserve on the day of the burial. Parking is typically a short walk from the site.  We will happily assist anyone with limited mobility. Please let us know in advance of any special needs.


We ask that you dress for the outdoors and whatever seasonal weather conditions we are experiencing on the day of the service. We can not overstate the importance of appropriate footwear for your own comfort and safety. To lesson the impact of human activity, we ask that you carpool to HCW on the day of the service if at all possible. If you must drive to HCW alone please understand that we may ask you to ride with another funeral attendee to the burial site and leave your vehicle at the visitor parking area.


For Visiting a Grave or Recreation
Honey Creek Woodlands exists for the enjoyment and comfort of those who have family or friends buried here. HCW is not open to the general public for visitation or recreation, and cars are not allowed into HCW except for funeral services. When you visit HCW, we may ask that you provide us with the name of a plot owner, either living or deceased, prior to entering the woodlands. We have these restrictions in place to preserve the peaceful nature of HCW for our clients and their families.

HCW is open for visitation and recreation for our clients and their families seven days a week. You may visit HCW during daylight hours to walk, hike, jog, or bicycle out to the burial grounds. If you are physically unable to make the trip out to the woodlands then we may be able to provide you with an electric cart. (See below for information on carts.)

Cart Usage at Honey Creek Woodlands

Cart Usage

Honey Creek Woodlands provides and maintains a fleet of electric golf carts as a convenience to our families.  Please remember they are not toys; treat them with care.

Carts are available on a first come, first served basis. Keep in mind that weekends are our busiest visitation times. Cart availability may be limited and wait times may vary especially for groups of more than 4 adults.

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, All Souls Day (November 2), and Easter are our busiest visitation days.  Please be aware that there might be a wait for a golf cart. Also, we ask that you keep your visit short on these days as a courtesy to our other families. For longer visits, we encourage you to use a different day.


Cart Maintenance

The carts require constant maintenance due to the high volume of usage. Please help us keep the carts in good working condition by making a donation to cart maintenance by clicking here

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