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Planning a Burial

Honey Creek Woodlands | Planning a Burial

To schedule an appointment/tour or a burial, please call 770-483-4044.


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Please note that the stewards of Honey Creek Woodlands are not involved in the planning of the service, nor do they coordinate the clergy/officiant. The monks of the Monastery of the Holy Spirit  do not participate in the service, but they do keep the deceased and their loved ones in their daily prayers.

There are generally two types of clients at Honey Creek Woodlands. Those who have recently lost a loved one are in an at-need situation, and others who are planning their final arrangements for the future are in a pre-need situation.

At-Need Clients
When someone passes away without preplanned arrangements it is important that HCW is contacted as soon as possible. Those opting for cremation are not under the same time constraints as those who desire the natural green burial of a body.

If you are considering a natural burial there are certain criteria to be considered when choosing a funeral home.


  • Ideally, you should contact HCW prior to selecting a funeral director. Not all funeral homes are familiar with the requirements for green burial and some lack the refrigeration capability necessary to preserve the body until burial.

  • Green burial requires that bodies are interred without embalming and that the body is contained in a shroud or simple biodegradable casket. Refrigeration is used in place of embalming and most funerals occur between three and five days after passing.


  • If possible, family members or friends should arrange a tour of HCW the day death has occurred or the next day at the latest to select a place for burial if burial is going to take place immediately following the funeral. If such a visit is not possible then we can select a space for burial based on the habitat preference provided by those close to the deceased.

  • The funeral should be scheduled at least 48 hours after HCW has been contacted to provide time for digging the grave and preparing the site for burial.

Pre-Need Clients
Whether or not you purchase a specific spot for burial ahead of time, we recommend that you pre-plan your final arrangements. Pre-planning ensures that your final wishes for a natural burial are followed upon your passing. Pre-planning also removes a tremendous burden from those left behind. A good plan is truly a gift to those who will be responsible for handling your final arrangements.

The best way to start your planning of a natural burial is to read over the information provided on this website. You can call us with any questions that you have about natural burial or Honey Creek Woodlands.

Tours of HCW are available by appointment only. Our tours include a presentation about the natural burial process, the cost, and funeral homes.

Please note that Honey Creek Woodlands only handles burials. Please contact your local funeral home and church to make funeral arrangements.

There are no burials on Sundays, New Year's Day, Mother's Day Weekend, Father's Day Weekend,

All Souls Day (November 2), Thanksgiving Day, or Christmas Day.

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