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Our Staff

The Stewards of Honey Creek Woodlands are the caretakers of the land and the people that they serve. They are amazing women and men of great compassion for everyone. They are pretty awesome and without them this place would not be filled with the joy and laughter that one experiences when entering the office. They're really super duper.

Joe Whittaker, Senior Steward
Joe is the MAN who took over this place after the crazy people were fired. He's happiest when appointments cancel and he can go play in the woods.
Matt, our faithful steward, is just a little bit crazy. When he's not cooking up strange meals (Squirrel, etc...), he can be found stalking prey with his camera.
Matthew Jeffres, Steward


Elaine Bishoff, Steward

As our solo female employee for many years, it was Elaine's job to keep the boys in line and add a touch of class to the place! When not at HCW, Elaine can be found decorating for Halloween, hanging with her horses, or on safari.
Carolyn Anderson, Office Manager
Carolyn was brought in to bring order to the chaos along with a little bit of her own crazy to liven up the place. People know better than to mess with the height of her chair or to eat her jalepenos.
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